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They Heard Weird Noises Coming From Their Ice Fishing Hole. What Comes Out Of The Hole? OMG!

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Ice fishing is just like any other type of fishing, it’s hit or miss. You can never know for certain what you’ll end up reeling in. One group of ice fishermen know this very well. They were out on Emerald Lake in Ontario, Canada, when they reeled in something shocking and unbelievable.

This was definitely the catch of the day, if not year or century!

The backstory to the video is that one of the men in the group, named Mike, had been sitting out on the frozen lake for hours and no fish were biting. He finally got fed up and decided to go down to a spot called the point to check and see if there were any fish biting there. The rest of the group stayed behind to watch the hole and relax when suddenly Mike returned to their spot in the craziest way possible. He swam up to the hole and popped out of the frigid cold water! As if that wasn’t insane enough, a second man appeared from under the ice and he too climbed out of the fishing hole! Then, as if everything were normal, the group ask Mike if he saw any fish. He tells them no and just sits there, dripping wet and exposed to the freezing temperature, snow, ice and wind.

Now, at this point I can’t help but mention that many people either assume or think that, generally speaking, Canadians are crazy. This video clip proves those people correct. That’s because Mike and his friends act completely normal, as if nothing weird or strange had occurred. Their crazy antics and behavior really makes you wonder, are all Canadians like that?!

In addition, because it’s so crazy and abnormal, the clip has generated quite a bit of intrigue. People online are asking whether or not it’s even real. It definitely appears real to me, but there is some speculation that it was either faked or edited. However, most people seem to agree that the father and son likely entered the water via a second hole that was out of view from the camera shot. Then, from there they swam a few feet over to the hole that they climbed out of. Either way, the whole idea is insane and something few men would dare to ever do. It’s also dangerous and the risks of hypothermia and drowning are very real. The ice where they were was about 24 inches thick, so if you ever were to get trapped under that, there would be no breaking though to escape.

All’s well that ends well. Leave it to the Canadians to pull off a stunt like this!

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