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Teenager’s Pillow Catches Fire As She Sleeps. Then She Discovers The Shocking Source…

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
People often wake up first thing in the morning and check their phones.

They are so addicted to the cell phone that they will actually put them under their pillows so they have easy access in the morning or if they wake up in the middle of the night they can do a quick check. Turns out this can be a recipe for disaster and no one’s going to want to take a selfie and post it online if this happened to them.

NYPD 33rd Precinct tweeted the following titled:

“Don’t put your cellphone under a pillow when sleeping or when charging your device.”

Look what happens when they get overheated. Many people will charge their phones overnight which can increase the chances greatly for this to happen.

Keep your electronic devices on hard surfaces. No bedding, no pillows, and no clothes. These things can easily overheat and blow up or simply melt. The result is something incredibly nasty you definitely don’t want to be exposed to!

Not just cell phones either. Laptops, kindles, tablets or any electronic device. One kid put a bluetooth speaker charging on his pillow and his whole bed caught on fire!

A very important message put out by the NYPD. They definitely do not want to do anymore house calls involving these type of situations. Make your children aware of these dangers and be sure to tell them not to charge their electronics on their bed. It may be convenient to have your phone plugged to look at while you are lying in bed, but once you doze off and that phone falls on your pillow, you are looking at serious trouble.

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