Cover reveal - Whitewash in the Berkshires

This is to preview the cover and announce my latest book, the fourth novel in my Double V Mysteries series:  Whitewash in the Berkshires.  The cover art was done by your friend and mine, Casey Koester, who also writes the blog: Noir Girl - Adventures of a '40s Girl in a Modern World.

Casey has done the first three covers in this series for me in a unique style that is whimsical, playful, and I think somewhat haunting.  I'm a great admirer of her work.  Here's the cover:

Elmer and Juliet's fourth adventure in this cozy mystery series takes place in Hartford, Connecticut, and the Berkshires of western Massachusetts in the bleak midwinter of 1951.  An incident from Juliet's past puts her on a blacklist.  A priceless work of art brings her to a secret bunker.  A kidnapping and a threat to her life result in a desperate chase.  How does all this fit in with the unidentified corpse?  Elmer has no idea, but he's right behind her.  The partnership of the wealthy heiress and the ex-con continues in this fourth book in the Double V Mysteries series.

Whitewash in the Berkshires will be published in February.  I'll keep you posted.

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