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Would You Dare To Deceive A Blind Person?

Thursday, 24 September 2015

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
This social experiment shows that people are ready to deceive someone in need!

Owning a winning lottery ticket is not a common fact! No matter how much money this gives you, makes you feel so lucky!

This social experiment reveals the reaction of some random people who have to deal with a winning lotto ticket...

YouTuber Johal decided to check on people's reaction to a blind stranger who has a scratch-off lottery ticket that won $500.

As he approaches the passersby he asks them to confirm whether his lotto ticket made him a big winner...what do you think will they confirm or...

Watch the video below and you will be pretty surprised by the reactions!

It is pretty awful to take advantage of this weakness for your own good! I know that this is a hard time for many people but stealing someone's luck...may be bad luck for many years!

Source: PETROS

Share this experiment with others and ask them how they would react!

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