Watching A Living Being Dying, She Ran To Comfort It But The Crowd Booed Her!

Watching A Living Being Dying, She Ran To Comfort It But The Crowd Booed Her!

An unbelievable story in an arena in Spain!

"Bread and circuses" its originator, Juvenal, used the phrase to decry the selfishness of common people and their neglect of wider concerns...this case indicates exactly this point!

In Malagueta, Spain, during one of the nation’s free bullfights, animal rights activists Virginia Ruiz, 38, jumped into the ring to comfort a dying bull on August 14th. Much to the crowd’s dismay, Ruiz was able to lay her body over the bull and shield him before arena officials and fans violently hauled her away.
“I could hear him crying in pain and I jumped down, walked across the ring to where he lay dying. He looked at me and I believe he felt my energy. I wanted to give him love before he left this earth.” She claimed via Skype to The Examiner.
Eventually, the bull was stabbed to death. And on top of everything this woman was violently escorted out and held illegally, the local police noted her address. She will be receiving a notice for trespassing and will have to pay a fine of up to 6,000 Euros! How outrageous!
What a beautiful act of mercy and courage! The abuse and violence against our creatures is unbearable at times! How can people get enjoyment from watching an animal slowly bleed to death? What's wrong with these people? Can these murderous beings even be from our species, is the question. This may be cultural heritage but it's time to stop living in this barbaric past and get with the times!

Sources: Colectivo Antitaurino Marbella, True Activist

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