Wake Up! You Are Losing The Point!

Wake Up! You Are Losing The Point!

A punch in the stomach for all of us who can’t put down their gadgets!

What sounded like science fiction - not that long ago - has become a reality! And we may all enjoy the benefits of technology but have we ever considered the future?

Most of us can't live without their phone, laptop, everything that allows us to enter the digital world! It is pretty amazing how this technology develops...when I was young none of these had intrude in our lives...it only needed two decades to be able to do everything with only a tiny device!

The Gaia Foundation has released "Wake Up Call", a short animation unpacking the lifecycle of electronics, the system that drives this, and the impact that our grave modern addiction is having on Earth.

The following video created a year ago and it is more topical than ever.

The everyday routine looks for substitutes to make up for the gap that has been created by the inadequacy of human relationships. The gap is usually replenished by consumption which in Western societies, will remain as shown, for years an unresolved problem that brings only temporary satisfaction, leading with certainty the nature to a mass disaster.

The pursuit of unrestrained consumerism never ends.

Attractive advertising, the rapid development of new products "shout" of the store windows that need to be purchased. If eventually we succumb to the temptation, the joy of the acquisition will last until the next purchase. The phenomenon described in a great way in the video bearing the aptly titled, "Wake Up Call" and it is an inspiration of the foundation Gaia Foundation. In order to raise public awareness around our obsession with over consuming spirit, we find out that in the end our need for something new runs out when it is considered old and quickly replaced by new models.

Surveys show that what remains at the end of the consumerism is nothing beyond some "temporary and brief emotions." Indeed, the result after many purchases is intense grief and the strong sense that the consumer was persuaded to follow the trend of overconsumption.

Credits: GaiaFoundationVideo

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