To Pass Your Driving Exams You Should Text While Driving!

To Pass Your Driving Exams You Should Text While Driving!

Crazy experiment but it may save lives!

As you are getting ready for your driving license test you must be pretty anxious and kinda scared...what if the examiner told the craziest thing you've ever heard! This experiment sounds quite insane but when the person in charge asks you to do so, what are the chances to disagree? Maybe saving your life and others is quite convincing!

At the driving center in Brussels researchers asked unsuspected potential drivers to text while driving! In fact they try to convince the young drivers by showing them official documents!

The results are quite shocking, if not a little horrifying.

You don't have to switch off your phone to resist picking it up. If I get a call or message I let it go, find somewhere to park and then call or text the person back. I never try to talk or text while driving.

If someone needs to lock up their phone to prevent them from doing something stupid, then they should not be driving! It's not a smart thing to do. Leave the phone alone!

No matter how many of these messages we see, they all can be helpful! No matter how insane the ideas may seem if the hit the target, they can be helpful!

Credits: Responsible Young Drivers - RYD.BE

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