This House Is Portable And Can Be Placed Everywhere!

This House Is Portable And Can Be Placed Everywhere!

Luxury comes in small places!

When you live in a big city the luck of space may be a problem that you face every day...can this problem be an inspiration for a solution? For this German designer, Werner Aisslinger, it surely could!

For over a decade he has been working in a visionary concept of living with the invention of the «Loftcube» to recover low priced living space in cities.

For just $40,000, you could have your own compact home that has everything in it you need. The Loft Cube, it comes in at only 430 square feet but contains a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The only reason you’d need to leave is to do your laundry, but that’s apartment living in general. At least this way you’ve got a smaller carbon footprint at a price anyone could love.

It only takes 5-7 days to set up a LoftCube, and the units can be disassembled in just two days and transported by truck from place to place. The best part about the Loft Cube is how it can be set up practically anywhere!

Can you imagine being able to have a house at almost every location you love? I would love to have one of these! With innovations like this, we’re only a step away from comfortable living, anywhere in the world!

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