This Ex-president Should Be The Example For All The Future Ones!

This Ex-president Should Be The Example For All The Future Ones!

He opens his house for a 100 orphans!

It is known that Jose Mujica, ex- president of Uruguay, is not an ordinary politician. Old leftist guerrilla has managed not to be corrupted by power. He wears sandals, drives a Beetle, lives in a small apartment and donates to charities most of his salary.

The international press has named him the "poorest president in the world."

Jose Mujica is now Uruguay’s ex-president, as his term ended in March 2015. He was, however, already involved in offering assistance to Syrian refugees last year (October 2014), and continues to play a major role in softening the crisis.

The last movement of Mujica-after the legalization of gay marriage and the production and sale of marijuana- is to open his summer mansion for 100 orphans from the civil war in Syria. His house, a large farm near a river will be an ideal change of scenery for any of the thousands of civil refugees. Over two million people in Syria have fled the country since the beginning of the civil war in 2011. More than one million of them have found refuge in Lebanon, 600,000 in Jordan, 700,000 in Turkey.

At the same time Germany has accepted 10,000 refugees and US 31 ...

Orphan children, according to UN policy, must be accompanied by a family member, for example, an uncle, cousin or brother. All costs will be covered by the Government of Uruguay.

I don't know much about him but what he has done is an inspiration! These people had to leave their country and faced a lot during their way to a better life - if they were lucky enough - to stay alive! Every day many of them are drowned or killed as they try to reach a peaceful land!

Source: True Activist

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