Swimming Kittens...No way!

Swimming Kittens...No way!

These guys caught on camera something incredible!

Jason Frost and his friend Brandon Key were rod fishing in the Warrior River in Alabama on Saturday and they could not believe their eyes when they realize what was approaching their boat!

While the two men were enjoying the tranquility of the lake on their boat, suddenly they saw something orange moving in the water. The creature approaching surprised both anglers as it was a tiny kitten swimming towards them.

Frost plucked the animal from the water to safety completely confused! And as if it wasn't enough, moments later, another kitten quickly followed suit, jumping into the water and swimming the distance to the boat and was likewise saved.

Watch their fantastic rescue in the video below:

The two men were furious because of what they suspected that someone had tried to get rid of the kittens by throwing them into the lake to drown!

After bringing the kittens back to shore, the fishermen met a young family who offered to give them a home — providing a happy ending to what is easily one of the most unfathomable fishing stories ever told.

Credits: Alabama Adventures

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