She May Hold The Key For A Better Future!

She May Hold The Key For A Better Future!

She is an inspiration! Appropriate technology potential... definitely beautiful and organic!

Bamboo has the compressive strength of concrete, the same strength-to-weight ratio of steel, and can regenerate itself in just a few short years. It's also flexible, beautiful, and resilient, and serves as an effective carbon sequestration channel.

By knowing this what would you do? Would you consider trying to build a whole village using only this material? Thankfully there is a woman who had the means and the imagination to make this a reality!

Meet Elora Hardy who left a successful career in the NY fashion scene to build bamboo houses in Indonesia. The Bali resident and her team have spent the last 5 years revolutionizing bamboo construction in the belief that it is an underused but ideal renewable resource. Hardy uses boron, which occurs naturally in nature, to treat the bamboo and make it indigestible to insects.

Here's Elora Hardy, founder and creative director of Ibuku, speaking at a TED conference about the potential of this incredible natural building material:

“It’s a promise to the kids. It’s one sustainable material that they will not run out of. And when I first saw these structures under construction about six years ago, I just thought, this makes perfect sense…Why hasn’t this happened sooner, and what can we do with it next?” I couldn't I agree more with these words! I find her job excellent and really promising!

Hardy spent her childhood on the tropical island, and after revisiting Bali in 2009 she came up with the idea of designing these luxury treehouses. She was inspired by Bali´s famous ´Green school´- a private school of international and Balinese students- which was the creation of her father, jewellery designer John Hardy.

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