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No Matter How Bad He Treated Him...He Was His Secret Guard Until The End! Heartbreaking!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Homeless people are still humans, with feelings and values that never lose no matter how hard their life may be! This story will break your heart into pieces!

This video is telling a story about two people, a decent store owner who strives to make a living for his family and a disheveled, smelly homeless man that sleeps at his storefront each night. And each morning, the store owner chases the homeless man away usually in a mean fashion.

He did everything in his power to make sure that the homeless man never came back. He threw plastic bottles at him, he woke him up with a dirty broom, and when he thought the homeless man urinated on his property, he even kicked him.

But then one day, something changed. The homeless man was gone. At first the store owner thought nothing of it, but then as each day passed, he realized something was missing. He started to miss this homeless man that he believed was a pest. He missed him so much that he decided to watch their interactions on security footage that was recorded from a surveillance camera. The truth that it uncovered was truly unexpected and heart breaking!

That may be an ad...however it is a great one! The subject that discusses is so deep that touches every heart! Looking down on people because of our wealth or status indicates egoism and arrogance. Being judgmental without knowing the facts will make you remorseful in the end. I really loved its message!

Credits: Vizer

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