Let There Be Light!

Let There Be Light!

A small miracle that we all take for granted!

Look around your house. Pretty much everything that you own and use operates on electricity...For every person living in the developed world is a necessity that is taken for granted! But in many areas of the world, conveniences common to the Western world are still foreign.

There are still 1 billion people currently experience energy poverty and have no means of illumination during the day or after dark. What we are taken for granted for those people still remains a dream out of reach.

Thankfully a talented visionary mechanic from Brazil came up with an idea that will help and bring the light to many people in need.

His name is Alfredo Moser and he has been using plastic water bottles filled with water and a splash of bleach to light up dark rooms since 2002, and now the idea has spread across the world. It is predicted that by the end of the year, over a million homes will be fitted with the invention and be lit up – without any electricity!

Moser’s method works using refraction of the sunlight. His secret is two capfuls of Bleach added to water in normal plastic bottles, which are commonly thrown away. While some may argue that Bleach is not the most environmentally friendly product, it stops the solution from turning green with algae when exposed to sunlight. From this simple combination, millions of homes may become illuminated.

By drilling a hole in a roof tile and then pushing the filled bottle in from below, the bottle can be kept in place with plastic resin and the new ‘window’ can be made waterproof.

The result: 40 to 60 watts of free, natural light.

Moser Lamps are becoming popular solutions in the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Argentina, Fiji, and other countries, and give an incredibly useful second life to plastic bottles.

This is truly inspiring and of course promising! It is so beautiful to find out that there are still people who put first, the common good! I can't imagine how these people who will see the light in their house would react...

Source: Blindfold

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