How Far Can Devotion Reach? Too Far!

How Far Can Devotion Reach? Too Far!

The best love story I've seen in years!

They were an ordinary couple who truly loved each other! They lived the life we've seen in movies and most of us dream to have! That's how love is... doing things without getting any credit all because you love your partner! Everything is great in this couple's life until one day a rare disease changes everything all of a sudden!

He notices that his wife is acting different. He doesn't know why. You're going to want to watch the whole way through. What an inspiration.

Love is an amazing thing. It takes sacrifice and devotion. It's powerful. It's all encompassing. This tale of a marriage is amazing. These wonderful souls earned my respect and made me think that love is definitely both in sickness and in health!

Credits: JubileeProject

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