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Forget What You Knew About The Human Species - Homo Naledi Is Our Ancestor!

Sunday, 20 September 2015

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Historical scientific discovery!
In the depths of a narrow and very deep cave in South Africa, the team of paleoanthropology professor at the University of Wits, Lee Berger found in front of a breakthrough for mankind.

Researchers found fossilized bone remains belonging to the newest member of the human species. The discovery of Homo Naledi, as it was called the skeleton adds an exciting chapter in the history of human evolution, and thus added another ancestor of modern man.
Indeed, the discovery is considered particularly important, as although the Homo Naledi was primitive, however he shares several key physical characteristics of modern humans. Typical examples are the shape of the skull, fingers and toes, bearing joints equivalent to ours.

Another feature that makes anthropologists consider the discovery of such great importance is the fact that in order to find the bones of Homo Naledi, scientists have struggled too much to open up access point, which indicates how Homo Naledi resembles modern humans in behavior too.

Everything indicates that the dead were buried and the burial of the dead is a characteristic of modern man.

Watch the video below to find out more details!
As it was said in the video there are many things out there to be found! There are still chapters in history that their pages are few...all these people out there are giving their best shot to fill them up with amazing details!

Source: National Geographic

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