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A Fruit-Forward Party Trick! Amaze Your Guests!

Friday, 4 September 2015

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Skinning a watermelon in ten minutes...a great party trick!

One of the most annoying things besides the watermelon's seeds is definitely its peel. Imagine a watermelon without its peel in full shape...

Surely that would be an enjoyable moment!

How can you do a trick especially for children's party impressing children and adults? Of course by following the method used by Mark Rober in the video below.

You can use two similar in size watermelons, a knife and a spatula to achieve your purpose. At the end you'll have a watermelon without peel in exactly the shape you want!

First, Rober started with two watermelons of similar shapes and sizes. He then made a bunch of shallow cuts in one watermelon until there was no green rind left. Next, he trimmed off all the edges to make it look a little more uniform. He even took a sponge to smooth it even more! After creating the smooth interior for his trick, Rober halved the second watermelon to make the fake rind. After cutting it in half, you can gut the watermelon using whichever method you prefer and carve out both halves.

Adjust the first watermelon into those two pieces and you are ready to surprise everyone!

Watch how it's done in the video below:

The end product looks pretty awesome...

Some may argue that this needs time and it's going to make a big mess in the kitchen...once in a while though, it worth it when it comes to make your kid's party great! That watermelon fight would be unforgettable! Lol!

Credits: Mark Rober

Share his trick with others and give them ideas!

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