A day without a single car on the streets in 2015!

A day without a single car on the streets in 2015!

A day without a single car on the streets could only happen centuries ago or centuries after - where the vehicles of the future will probably fly! Well, for a metropolis of Europe this will be a reality in less than a month! One of the most romantic places of Europe - Paris - will have empty streets on September 27th!
A movement called “Paris Sans Voiture,” or for those who don't understand French "Paris Without A Car,” will not permit any vehicles on the streets of Paris for twenty-four hours. During that day people will be encouraged to roam free and check out the music festivals and other events planned throughout the day.

The ‘Day Without A Car’ is part of the city’s campaign against pollution and is in line with the European Mobility Week that takes place in Paris from September 16 to 22. The United Nations conference on the climate (COP 21) will also be held in Paris in late November.

Paris is not the only city to institute a ‘Day Without Cars’. Montreal, Bogota, Mexico City, Ho Chi Minh City and Brussels have all adopted similar programs, some of them permanently and some partially, closing certain streets and encouraging bike riding.
Even though one day is not enough...it is a start! As Paris is my favorite European Capital I would love to be there and enjoy that car -free day! I am not sure that this movement will ever cross the Atlantic but I would love to see it in a big city in USA!

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