This Is What The Great Explorers Must Have Experienced!

This Is What The Great Explorers Must Have Experienced!

Can you believe that there are still people out there who haven't seen a white man?

Filmmaker and photographer Jean Pierre Dutilleux back in 1976 in Papua New Guinea met the Toulambi tribe...

This amazing footage captures the moment members of the Toulambi tribe make their first contact with the outside world and the white man...
It's fascinating to watch their expressions gradually change from fear and nervousness to wonder and joy, as both sides acknowledge their shared humanity!
As you can see in the video, they believed he was a ghost of someone their normal version of skin color! What happens when they see the mirror is just as trippy to witness; they’re afraid of it – as if it’s a mirror into their souls or something evil in nature. It’s incredible that the things we take for granted in our everyday life can be strange, almost mystical to those that know nothing about western society.

I haven't seen something this interesting in a long time! Would love to visit a tribe like that myself...What about you?

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