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They Live With Us But Really Like Us?

Sunday, 2 August 2015

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Discrimination can ruin lives...

It is really inexplicable how racism is written on our genes...It truly shocks me the fact that with all this information and knowledge we have gained through the web - as we are able by pressing one button to see every corner of this world - we still remain so biased against people from other countries aka immigrants!

A terrible form of racism is everyday racism. It is the humiliating treatment in passing: in the line at the supermarket, in the bus, or at work.

You don’t notice it, but people are constantly being judged based on the superficial. When it is about immigrants or people of color, this can have terrible repercussions.


As far as legal immigrants concerned they are trying to be members of our society. They carry their culture, images and ways of life from their country and we have to respect it! In any case once they are accepted by the state...none has the right to doubt it! Never forget: we are all immigrants. We are all humans. Everywhere. You never know how your life may turn into...

Sources: Hefty, beyondblueofficial

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