There Is A Dark Side To Social Networks...

There Is A Dark Side To Social Networks...

How much do you trust your teen kid? Maybe too much?

Social Networks are really hot right now. Teens are spending a great deal of time on sites like MySpace, Facebook and others. But just what are your teens being exposed to when they log onto their Facebook profile or MySpace profile?

While social network sites do have merit, they allow people from all over the world to connect. Kids can connect with friends and family who live far away. They can socialize and keep in touch with friends, share pictures, music and videos and play fun games. They can learn, they can grow, they can see parts of the world and other cultures that they may never have a chance to see otherwise.

But where exactly this stops being safe and fun and becomes a nightmare? I guess that this question finds its answer at the following shocking social experiment...

This video was done by Coby Persin as a way to raise awareness and show how easily a kid can be fooled into meeting someone in real life that they first met online!

The sheer terror of the parents of these girls and the impact of the what the reality could have been for the girls themselves, had this in fact been a pedophile luring them, hopefully will be unforgettable and will change the possibility of their ever doing anything so dangerous again.

Watching this video with your own teens can be an invaluable tool in waking them up to the reality of the dangers that lurk in the anonymity of social media “friendships”.

As scary as this subject matter might be to kids it’s a discussion that has to happen more than once and parents need to continuously be aware of what their kids are doing online with social media.

Use what we’ve learned in this video to better educate your friends and family.

And don't forget to share it with them!

Credits: Coby Persin
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