The Most Amazing Way To Celebrate Her 100 Birthday!

The Most Amazing Way To Celebrate Her 100 Birthday!

She made 1000 girls in Africa happy and she continues!

We all know that there are children in Africa in need of water, food, clothing, and proper living conditions! How many of us though do something about it?

Well, here is a lady who thought of these kids and did something so special and amazing!

Stitch-by-stitch, Lillian Weber has made hundreds of dresses for African children in need!

For the last few years, Lillian, a 99 year old woman from Iowa, has had a big goal. She wanted to create 1,000 dresses for African children by her 100th birthday on May 6th, 2015. Not only did she meet her goal, but she actually finished ahead of schedule.

Lillian helps support Little Dresses for Africa, a charity that provides dresses to young African children who are in need of clothing. Due to AIDS and other health problems, many young girls in the country of Malawi and elsewhere in Africa are orphans. Sometimes these very young girls are responsible for raising the other children in their family.
According to the charity’s website:
Little Dresses for Africa was founded by Rachel O’Neill in 2008 and is a registered non-profit 501c3 Christian organization. Our mission is to provide relief to children throughout the Continent of Africa and beyond. Volunteers from all 50 US States, as well as Australia, Canada, the UK, and Singapore, join together to make little dresses out of pillow cases or other simple patterns. Some sew. Some donate. Some go to Africa, and some send others. Little Dresses for Africa makes all the arrangements, through misions teams, mailing directly to verified communities and we take them ourselves with a team at least once a year. With your help, we get the dresses (and britches for boys!) to the children, and distribute them through orphanages, churches, and schools. Together, we can make a difference.

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Sharing our resources and talents to give others pleasure is a blessing! She has a beautiful soul! She deserves total respect!

Share her goal with others and inspire them to make a donation to those who really need it!
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