The Lament Of A Tree...Live! Speechless!

The Lament Of A Tree...Live! Speechless!

Tree rings produce a unique melody!

While technology has given us CD's and digital tracks, the history of music contains also a huge part where music was on vinyl...Remember? If you were born in 80's and back you must remember them! In fact there are still people who insist on listening their favorite songs this way and they collect them like crazy! It's like a ritual...Holding the record by the edges; you carefully slip it into place, anticipating the rich sounds you will soon hear. As the disc begins to spin on a turntable, an arm drops to the outer edge of black vinyl record. After a brief pause, you are greeted by tunes that sound rich, but not perfect, and sometimes the needle skips across a groove, interrupting a song but that was the magic!
But if you think that vinyl is the only thing that can be played on a turntable, guess again. There's something else that, when played like a record, has an amazingly clear sound.
Built by artist Bartholomaus Traubeck, this record player (and some considerable programming) can actually translate the rings of trees into piano music.

That's right. The annual rings of a tree have been analyzed so that their arrangement and texture is translated sonically into music. While the programming behind it sets up a basis for this translation, each tree creates a unique piece of music.

The whole thing has been compiled into a project called Years, a reference to the tree rings.
It really sounded like a great melody...however I had that feeling that the tree was mourning about its ending! Instead of being in a forest with other trees giving us oxygen it became a record! We cut down trees for many things already...why that too? It was a unique experience though, but that shouldn't be a hobby!

You can see more of Traubeck's work on his website.

Credits: Bartholomäus Traubeck

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