Surfing With A Dirth Bike...Impossible? Nope!

Surfing With A Dirth Bike...Impossible? Nope!

This guy did the unthinkable!

What was the most outlandish dream you've ever had? When I was a kid my imagination ran wild...but I swear this guy's dream is far the most outlandish I've ever seen and he made it a reality!

Even in the wildest of dreams, it would be hard to concoct an idea like the most recent from the minds of the folks over at DC Shoes and Robbie Maddison.

During this summer, motocross athlete Robbie Maddison and DC shoes, set out to blur the lines of what’s been done before and what’s only been dreamt of, in an attempt to fulfill a three year long ‘pipe dream.’

It all goes down in Tahiti as Maddison hops on, revs to the moon and catches massive waves with his dirt bike!

The stunt titled “Robbie Maddison’s Pipe Dream” was the result of a two-year partnership between Maddison and DC Shoes and this allowed the daredevil’s imagination to run completely wild and the results are here for you to enjoy.

Can you realize what you just saw? He just took surfing to a new level! What a daredevil combination surfing massive waves and off-road motorcycling...Wow! Even though that was just incredible I feel kinda old-fashioned wanting every sport where it belongs...surfing on a surfboard in the sea and motocross in the mountains! That's my opinion though and I have to admit that this was unique and super!

Credits: DC Shoes

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