Robert Wadlow: The sensational life of the tallest man who ever lived...

Robert Wadlow: The sensational life of the tallest man who ever lived...

He watched the whole world like being the inhabitants of the island country of Lilliput!
Can you imagine being able to watch the world from 8 feet 11.1 inches height without being on a ladder or anything else? For this man who lived almost a century ago the world seemed so small, like Lemuel Gulliver - commonly known as Gulliver's Travels.
Robert Wadlow, the tallest man who ever lived, as an infant he was already 1.5 meter tall, at the age of 9 he could carry on his father and eventually he reached 2 meters and 72 centimeters.
According to the documentary made on his life, Robert Wadlow, born on February 22, 1918 he had normal weight and height, but soon his perky pituitary gland triggered abnormal growth.

When he was 5 years old, he had the body of a 17 year old and three years later had the height of 1 meter and 87 centimeters and weighed 100 pounds.

His clothing required three times the normal amount of cloth, and his size 37 shoes cost $100.00 a pair (a lot of money back in the 1930's).
And he kept getting bigger.... he eventually topped out at 8 feet 11.1 inches at the age of 19, deservedly taking the title of the tallest man in the world!
On July 15th 1940, Wadlow died in his sleep after an infection in his leg. He was 22 years old, weighed about 390 pounds. The coffin weighed 450 pounds and took 18 men to carry him to his final rest.
On October 20, 1985, a life-size bronze statue of Wadlow, sculpted by local artist Ned Giberson, was unveiled on the grounds of SIU Dental School in Alton (Wadlow had attended classes there) offering mute inspiration to those who dare to dream tall dreams.

Watch the documentary about his life below!
This likeable giant must have faced many difficulties during his short life...The world was too small for him!

Credits: Alton Telegraph

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