Perfect Timing, Perfect Angle...Hilarious Result!

Perfect Timing, Perfect Angle...Hilarious Result!

Take a break with hilarious perfectly timed photos!

No matter how hard you may try it is almost impossible to have the perfect shot! And if once in a million you get so lucky then you can share it with the world! You want to share that feeling of perfection...You feel so proud of yourself and your excellent result, as the others admire your perfect result or some others may envy you indefinitely!

We are sharing with you a collection of the most interesting photos captured at the right moment that will make you look twice.


Picture Of Sutro Tower In San Francisco, It Look Like The Top Of The Flying Dutchman

This Freeze-frame Trapped the Dog In A Bubble

Supermoon Shot In Dubai

Berta – Dog or?

Flickering Beauty

There’s Really Nothing Quite So Sweet As Tiny Little Baby Feet

Woman Marries Owl



The Right Moment At Tuileries Garden In Paris

Perfectly Timed Bohemian-waxwing

I Said Kiss Me
Have you ever being so lucky in your life to have a perfect shot and so funny at the same time? We all have in our digital albums funny photos...but so perfectly timed?

Source: World Inside Pictures

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