I Would Have Never Know All Of Those Tattoos Were Under There!

I Would Have Never Know All Of Those Tattoos Were Under There!

Perhaps the world's most recognizable full-body canvas!

Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy was chosen by Dermablend which has long been known for its heavy-duty cover-up for its new commercial campaign!

The L'Oréal-owned cosmetics brand hired Rick Genest, to prove just how well its makeup can conceal anything.

The undead-obsessed model has covered the majority of his person with tattoos meticulously designed to make him look like a walking, decomposing corpse. However in this video nothing indicates that this guy with the perfect skin is covered by tons of make-up! A man with so many tattoos is unbelievable but more unbelievable than that is the coverage! That is miracle!

His name might not be immediately familiar, but Genest's tattoos should be. He's the guy with the full-body skeleton tattoos from Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" video, and it's really impressive to see him look so "normal"!

When we first see or meet someone, we form impressions, or prejudgments of that person based on our experience with others who share similarities. It is impossible to avoid doing this, but a good lesson we are taught over and over again is that we should try not to judge a book by its cover. This video is a new take on this idea, presented in reverse to show us how much our first impression informs our view of a person.

I must admit though that he looks kinda scary! Although I love tattoos and consider them as a great art I must say that for my taste it is too much, for others it might be appealing. Once again, we are taught the valuable lesson that things are rarely as they seem at first glance!

Credits: Dermablend Professional

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