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Exemplary Police Officers...In Norway!

Saturday, 8 August 2015

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Here is good news!

While in US killing of civilians, mostly African Americans, by police officers are a daily occurrence, there is a country where the police have killed none in the last decade!

In Norway, according to a recent report released by the government, police officers are unlikely to pull their guns on suspects, and even more unlikely to shoot them!

The report found that the Norwegian police made use of a weapon on two occasions last year, none of which caused any loss of life.

In Norway, police officers rarely carry real weapons on them, which allow them, in most cases, to resolve a conflict without reaching a dangerous escalation.
In the US, police are trained to shoot first and ask questions later and are programmed to think that every civilian is a potential criminal or attacker. However, this type of mentality is counter-productive, and is not at all necessary. There are other solutions possible that don’t involve immediate violence.

Here is an example that has amazing results and their first priority isn't killing but saving and preventing violence! It is the alternative we need!

Check out the video below and meet Dale Brown of Detroit’s “threat management center” who has shown that crime can be stopped and lives can be saved by independent people using nonlethal tactics:
The key to effective protection, says Dale, is love. Not guns, not violence, not laws. His employees have to love their customers. They have to care about their customers' safety more than their own. They also have to be the kind of people who would rather not use violence first. This is the exact opposite of what the government advocates for its police officers. Government teaches police that their own safety is paramount, and in these late stages of the degenerate empire, local governments are also recruiting recent war veterans who have become well used to using violence against the people whose land they occupy to keep them in line.

Every human life is unique and it should be respected! Violence in every kind should be avoided...Carrying a gun doesn't make you God to decide who lives and who dies!

Sources: True Activist, Cop Block

Share these alternatives with others and let’s hope that something will change!

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