Crossing The World On A Bike For 365 Days...The Absolute Experience!

Crossing The World On A Bike For 365 Days...The Absolute Experience!

He's been in 22 countries with his bike in one year! Epic!

One of my biggest dreams is to be able to travel around the world. I am trying hard to make it happen but I am not sure I will fulfill it! To make this dream come true first of all you need money and time...and these two are not so easy to be found and combined! For this guy though his aim was to fulfill a dream: the dream of absolute freedom and the discovery of our planet. And he made it!

In June 2013, Felix Starck gave up the perfect life and set out on a bike for a worldwide journey in a quest to answer the question, “What is the meaning of life?”

“That’s the question almost every man asks himself at least once in his life, which is why I decided to go to the bottom of this mystery and to seek answers,” he wrote on his Pedal the World Facebook page.

“My first goal is to explore the world on a bicycle! This is not a record hunt—the journey is the destination.”

The 24-year-old German spent the next 365 days pedaling 11,185 miles in 22 countries on four continents before arriving back home in Herxheim, Germany, with tons of video footage of his journey.

Take a look at the video below:

Being able to travel makes you a better person, getting to know other cultures and civilizations is just a unique experience! Against all odds this guy made his dream come true...he is an inspiration and I envy him for his once in a lifetime experience!

You can get the documentary here:

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