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Cappuccino Coast: Salted Cappuccino Served From The Ocean!

Thursday, 27 August 2015

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
It was as if the ocean has been turned in to a giant cup of cappuccino!
This mysterious marvel seems like someone has poured loads of coffee and cappuccino milk into an ocean, and switched on a huge blender.
A rare natural phenomenon that transforms the shorelines of an ocean into foam, which resembles coffee froth...that must be the dream of every coffee lover!
This display of nature’s occasional freakiness had people scratching their heads in Cape Town, South Africa. Sea Point Beach on the outskirts of the city was transformed in to a foamy mess when the sea suddenly frothed itself into a frenzy.
The rare ocean foam phenomenon happens when ocean impurities such as seaweed excretions, plant and animal material, chemicals, and salts are churned by choppy ocean waves, creating bubbles that get trapped under water. As the bubbles are pushed to the shore they are rapidly shuffled to the surface, and their clinging together in this rapid movement creates a soft foam. The Cappuccino Coast phenomenon ranged as far as 30 miles out to sea and took days to fully clear away. Although no serious injuries were reported as a result of the foam, some ocean foam around the world had been considered dangerous because of its high levels of chemical toxins, including oil after oil spills in the ocean.

Watch the video below where the miracle of nature reaches the coast:
Although, this sea foam beach won’t taste as good as your coffee, your desire of dousing in a coffee bath will be fulfilled by this destination!

Credits: Опасная Погода

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