Amazon River Hides Terrifying Creatures Like Arapaima!

Amazon River Hides Terrifying Creatures Like Arapaima!

When fishing is not relaxing but a dangerous situation!

The Amazon is the largest rainforest on Earth and harbors a dazzling array of species. In the depths of the Amazon River, the largest river in the world, live creatures so amazing and so terrifying, that they make Jaws look like a nice, relaxing swim in the ocean.

Some of these animals, like the poison dart frog, seem too incredible to be real, while others, like the anaconda, the piranha, and the jaguar, have captured the imagination of the world. A few of these creatures are so frightening you’ll be glad that they don’t live anywhere near you.

Most people try to avoid crossing paths with the beasts, but the boaters in this video are not most people. They actually go out and chase these things.

Luckily for them, they ran into the arapaima, which is one of the largest freshwater fish in the world.

Meet the Arapaima...

One of the largest freshwater fish in the world—the arapaima, pirarucu, or paiche—can grow up to 15 feet in length. The torpedo-shaped fish is a highly efficient predator that can quickly devour other species of fish. Arapaima is a frightening predator because they can literally jump out of the water and attack prey. Strangely enough, the arapaima needs surface air to breathe. It has gills, but it has to augment its air supply with a lung-like organ called a swim bladder. Ironically, the arapaima is a popular food in Brazil, so it has been fished nearly to extinction in some areas. The Brazilian government has banned commercial fishing for it.

I don't know about you but I couldn't swim or go fishing to those waters...It is incredible to know what this amazing territory hides...but only when the research is made about the protection of this ecosystem! My only hope is that these attempts will be made wisely! Amazon is in danger and we ought to protect it! Both Amazon's flora and fauna should be protected!

Credits: billschannel

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