A Stray Soul... Fighting To Survive! It Will Break Your Heart!

A Stray Soul... Fighting To Survive! It Will Break Your Heart!

How can people be so cruel to an animal?

Mumbai is located in India, the second-most populous country in the world. This bustling city has more than 14 million residents as of 2009, according to recent estimates.

Mumbai has only 1.1 square meters of open space per person.

Either way, that’s less per person than in New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Mexico City and, yes, even Tokyo, making Mumbai not only one of the densest, but also the most cramped city in the world.

Imagine in this city with all that people having a huge number of stray dogs...what you are about to witness will definitely break your heart especially if you are an animal lover! Personally I started watching the video and couldn't finish..... It broke me in every way.

Mumbai-based animal welfare organization, World For All, strapped a camera on a stray pup and captured the most gut-wrenching footage of what it’s like to be a homeless dog on the streets of Mumbai.

It shows an abridged version of a day in the life of a stray in the populated city. The dog frantically wanders the streets in search of nourishment and shelter, but instead he encountered numerous assaults. More than once people dump water on the dog, they hit and kick it, push it around, honk at it, and other dogs attack it. It even appears as though the dog was hit by a van at the end of the video.

The good news is that there are people out there trying to help. Many organizations have been established for the sole purpose of saving the street dogs. Although there are street-dwelling people who care for the free-range animals, and there is abundant food for them in the form of dead carcasses and human scraps, the dog’s lives are not what you would call comfortable, so the organizations are aiming to improve the situation. The dogs are being put up for adoption to get them the care they need.

This is the most powerful message one can receive to rescue a dog!

I will always be against animal cruelty...even a stray soul has the right to live the amazing gift of life!

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