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A Group Of Young Artists Transform A Marginalized Neighborhood Into A Colorful Vision!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
A low-income neighborhood in Mexico is now the talk of the town!

When it comes to our home we all want it to be the best place in the world as we spend our life in it! We spend many hours to decorate it, to choose the most appropriate colors so as to make us feel cozy and relaxed! However this is only for those who have time and money to spend on this project! What about people who live in less favorable cities and neighborhoods?

Mexico is a beautiful country, full of culture and traditions. There are magical places to visit, but as in every country there are also marginalized areas, where poverty and crime prevail.

Recently a group of young graffiti artists created an organization called "Germen Crew". Made up of street performers with over 13 years of experience in alternative forms of communication such as Graffiti, murals, social research and audiovisual documentation, it aims to improve public spaces through art as a way of regenerating the part of society that has been affected. Their most recent project is eye-catching! Joining forces with the Mexican government, the massive project encompassed 20 thousand square meters and painted the surfaces of over 209 houses. The ambitious street art utilizes bright, marbled colors to visually connect all of the buildings as they lead up a hillside — it’s a colorful miracle!

The project has significantly changed the character of the city, where the outward appearance of the neighborhood now match the colorful and lively personalities and culture of its inhabitants. Hopefully this attempt will give them the opportunity to strive for a better life in all ways!

With little means but with lots of heart we can do much! I find this work excellent and truly inspiring...There are a lot of communities like this that need to be cleaned up and brightened up. Respect!

Source: True Activist

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