A DIY Idea For Memorable BBQ Nights!

A DIY Idea For Memorable BBQ Nights!

Recycling can do miracles!

BBQ is a part of America's culture...Barbecue is as much a part culture today, as it was in those long ago days of the old West, with the best BBQ recipes still being guarded like gold. Barbecue is America's food in the same way that jazz and blues are its music..

Summer is in full swing now and it’s barbecue season again!

What about a DIY barbeque that not only will make your evenings with friends unforgettable and tasteful but at the same time you will help the environment as this BBQ is made of recycling car wheels! One extremely cool idea that shows how to create fire pit or a cool BBQ using your old car vehicle. The main component is a used car wheel.
I have seen a number of different types but this is the first time I have seen a barbeque system made out of recycled tire wheels. This really is a neat idea that does not cost much!

If you don’t want to spend a few hundred bucks for a new BBQ stove or a new fire pit, there is always a budgeted way to make one by yourself. That was the perfect example don't you think?

Source: interiordesiign

Share this amazing idea with friends and family and have a memorable summer!
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