27 Images Showing That Humanity Is In Danger.

27 Images Showing That Humanity Is In Danger.

Sometimes words are unnecessary. The pictures speak for themselves.

View from above of excessive residential metropolis of Mexico (with over 20 million inhabitants.)

An elephant that poachers left to rot

Rainforest in flames - goats used to eat grass here.

Traces of air traffic over London.

Truck delivers cargo oil sand processing. The sand oil is considered a future energy source.

This shepherd cannot stand the stench of the Yellow River in Inner Mongolia.

A waste incineration plant and the surrounding area in Bangladesh.

Fire raging in Colorado, the increase of terrible fire incidents are a result of climate change.

The scars left by the oil sand mining in the Canadian province of Alberta.

A spectacular night in downtown Los Angeles, the power consumption is immeasurable.

In Oregon United States this thousand years old forest, fell victim of the chainsaw for a new dam.

The region of Almeria in Spain is littered with greenhouses, as far as it reaches the eye, just for a richer dinner table.

Poachers pose proudly with the fur of a Siberian tiger.

The Mir mine in Russia, the largest diamond mine in the world.

A dead Albatross shows what happens when we pollute the environment. A living trash bin.

Another huge metropolis, New Delhi, a view from above (over 22 million inhabitants).

The almost lost paradise, the Maldives, threatened by rising sea levels.

Black Friday in electronics store in the city of Idaho, USA.

Tons (literally), from damaged electronic are dumped in developing countries where the precious metal is removed using lethal substances.

The big mistake in the Brazilian rainforest is repeated here in Canada.

Space for worn tires in the Nevada desert.

While the whole world was watching the events in Fukushima, a huge power plant was burning a few kilometers away.

This polar bear died of hunger in Svalvard Norway. The ice pieces disappear depriving bears of habitation and food.

The last straw: An oil deposit and the ruthless exploitation by humans.

Huge waterfall ice melting. The undisputed evidence of climate change that is under way.

Factory of lignite pollutes the air.

Indonesian surfer Dede Surinaya on a wave of dirt and trash (Java, Indonesia).

"When the last tree is cut, the last fish is eaten, and the last river poisoned, then you understand that money is not eaten."

This prophecy is increasingly becoming a terrible reality. Even today many people are not aware of how bad does the nature way of life!

And just because some people destroy the environment we need everyone else to be pessimists and just sit to watch? I'm sure we can all put our bit to help the environment (less energy consumption, less pollution, less chafing of the environment around us and many others) may not seem important when you do it alone, but if we all contribute to the result, it will be enormous. So be optimism and everything can change for the better!

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