YouTube Ann Blyth Book Trailer

YouTube Ann Blyth Book Trailer

This is by way of a book trailer for Ann Blyth: Actress. Singer. Star.  The two songs she sings on this video, "My Foolish Heart," from the Oscars in 1950, and the other, "My Golden Harp" (to the tune of "Danny Boy") from a guest appearance on the Louella Parsons radio show in 1951, are selections probably not a lot of people have heard.  The movie magazine covers are always a kick.

Enjoy.  Buy the book.  Did I mention that before?

By the way, columnist Liz Smith, who featured ANN BLYTH: ACTRESS. SINGER. STAR. in her column on June 29th, mentioned it again the other day, and her recent note from Ann Blyth.  She writes:

I BELIEVED the art and the graciousness associated with hand-written notes had long vanished. But leave it to one of moviedom’s great ladies, Ann Blyth, to restore my faith in good penmanship and a little effort.

Miss Blyth wrote to thank us about our recent column about a lavish new career book celebrating her. She said she hadn’t seen it yet! The handwriting of her note was divine, and so was the sentiment expressed. A lovely woman, and one who apparently got all she could out her career, and didn’t resent changing times and tastes. She had a marvelous run, in every medium. I doubt she has any regrets, certainly not about the inevitable vagaries and disappointments of a show biz career.

Come back next Tuesday, August 4th when we take part in the TCM Summer Under the Stars Blogathon, sponsored this year by Kristen at Journeys in Classic Film.  

That day on TCM belongs to the lovely Teresa Wright, and my topic is a look at some of her television work, particularly her appearances on the Ida Lupino-directed "No. 5 Checked Out" on Screen Directors Playhouse, and in the psychological thriller "Lonely Place" from The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.

I hope you can join us.  See you Tuesday.

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