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You Never Know What Your Angel Will Look Like!

Monday, 13 July 2015

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
He didn't know her...however she saved her life at all cost!

There were so many instances that we heard countless of lives have been saved by our voiceless friends 'In the top list were dogs...Here is another incredible story of a dog acting like a hero and gained to be named Hero after rescuing a woman.

Shannon was driving too fast down a rural, winding Georgia road when she fishtailed and flew out the back window of her truck. Because of the way she landed, it was nearly impossible for anyone to see her while driving by.

When she finally came to, Shannon felt a “huge presence” breathing on her face. It was a stray dog who emerged from the woods, jumped onto the back of the car, and began licking her bloody face. Then, the dog did something so incredible it’s almost hard to believe — he tugged and pulled at Shannon’s lifeless body, dragging her over 100 feet back to the street. “That dog had more thrive for life at that point than I did,” she said. It was then Shannon wrapped her arms around the dog’s body and stood up. A vehicle stopped at the edge of the road, and Shannon was able to call her husband for help.

Shannon suffered a brain hemorrhage, but luckily she didn’t need surgery. If her four-legged hero hadn’t have been there that day, she believes she would have died.

After saving Shannon’s life, the stray dog was taken to the Humane Society and adopted by a canine search and rescue trainer. Recognizing his adventurous, playful, and heroic soul, the dog’s new owner soon trained him to be a certified search and rescue dog who specializes in searching the wilderness for people in need. Oh, and he was officially given a name: Hero

Wow oh wow, what an amazing beautiful dog! German Shepherds are such wonderful smart,loyal dogs! Those of us that live with dogs are not surprised by this...They know how to do the right thing when needed...Please give Hero the medal he deserves! Bless him and Sharon and especially Hero's adopters!

Sources: Little Things, Carlos Aguilar

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