When You Know That's Not Your Day!

When You Know That's Not Your Day!

It's awful to laugh so hard at other's pain...so awful but so funny!

There are some days when you walk out of bed with a good mood but when you step out of the house...a black cloud is starting to follow you!!! It can happen to everyone...but you can't blame it all on bad luck!

Every one who thought that they were going to spend their day skiing

This person whose least worry is finding the mate to that sock after washing them.

This person who REALLY should’ve just stayed home in this weather…especially since an electric wheelchair is NOT a car.

This guy who thought that nothing bad could come of cheating on his diet…well, he was wrong.

Anyone who witnesses this in person.

This girl who learned that she is NOT a ninja. Ouch!

These kids who will never be late for class ever again.

This lift driver whose shift just got a whole lot longer.

Any rollercoaster lover who witnesses this.

This person who regrets pulling out of her driveway now.

This commuter who didn’t know that she was getting a bus driver with a bad attitude and zero patience.

This guy who was reminded in the worst way to mind the gap.

This beer lover with the strength of the Incredible Hulk.

This poor guy who had his loneliness rubbed in his face.

This person who learned about tides the hard way.

This guy who managed to ruin a home, a truck, and a whole lotta sh*t in the process.

This person who just wanted to do some early morning errands.

The employee that just cost his bosses tons of money.

And the pizza lover who really wasn’t mentally prepared for this disappointment.
Well...bad luck or reckless acts, these were a proof that those people shouldn't have left their beds that particular day! The thing is that you never know when this will happen to you...but as long as there is no injuries it's just really funny to watch such incidents!

Source: Peaceful Century

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