This Is What We Have Become?

This Is What We Have Become?

Two choices: Surprising results!

This social experiment is like a punch in the stomach! In a crowded street of New York City a social experiment is about to take place. Truly, who would you help...a homeless single father with his sick little girl or a drug addict who needs money for weed, drugs and alcohol? I bet that all of you would definitely feel sorry for the father and daughter and would approach to give something to help them...right? this experiment and find out who was the winner!

Many people walked by, without a care in the world. Even as his daughter coughed, people read the sign and just carried on about their day. Just when I thought that all faith was lost, this woman approached and did the most touching thing that restored my faith in humanity. There are still good people out there, but it’s an important message to spread that we should give to those who truly need it, and not wait for someone else to do what we should have done as proper human beings.

Why us people became so cruel and unconcerned? When and how this happened? This story touched me deeply...even if it was only an experiment, the results still show that we have stopped being humans...I hope that this will make us all think of adopting better thoughts and feelings for those in need!

Sources: Damn, Coby Persin

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