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These Tiny Villages Around The World Will Fascinate You!

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
No matter whether you love living in the will definitely want to be there!

If you’re dreaming of visiting one of those picture-perfect villages filled with old-world charm, incredible scenic beauty, or perhaps both, where do you begin your search for the best destinations?

Here’s a whole bunch of gorgeous photographs documenting tiny (but visually stunning) villages around the world. Whether it’s skyscrapers or suburbia that you’re used to, there’s something so magnetic about the simple life on display here.

Riomaggiore, Italy

Photo by Pasquale Di Pilato

Giulio Island, Italy

Photo by Luca Casartelli

Lovely Gordes Village, Southeastern France

Photo by Arnab Banerjee

Senja, Norway

Photo by Daniel Korzhonov

Hallstatt Village, Austria

Photo by Danny Xeero

Mount Fuji, Japan

Photo by Trey Ratcliff


Photo by Weerapong Chaipuck

Piran Peninsula, Slovenia

Photo by Turisticno Združenje Portorož

Green roof houses of Faroe Islands

Photo by Jóan Petur Olsen

Kastellorizo Island, Greece

Photo by Hercules Milas

Beautiful Vernazza, Italy

Photo by Elia Locardi

Grindelwald, Switzerland

Photo by Nikolay Matveev

Village Household, Serbia

Photo by Novica Aloric

Pennan, Scotland

Photo by Jim Richardson

Ólafsfjörður, Iceland

Photo by Gisli Kristinsso

Cesky Krumlov Village, Czech Republic

Photo by Steve Coleman

Damüls, Austria

Photo by Marco Stolle

Sapa, Vietnam

Photo by Sarawut Intarob


Photo by Moro

Toledo, Spain

Photo by Ramón Vázquez Morales

Reine, Norway

Photo by Felix Roser

Lofoten, Norway

Photo by Christian Bothner

Pietrapertosa Village, Italy

Photo by Antonio De Stefano

Popeye Village, Malta

Photo by Mosin

Anchor Bay, Malta

Photo by Grenville Lawrence


Photo by Nick Cobbing


Photo by Coolbie Re

Qaqortoq, Greenland

Photo by Joël Tettamanti

Niger River, Mali

Photo by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Manarola, Italy

Photo by Jennifer Barrow


Photo by Chad Ehlers

I think is a great list! Photography is stunning....all the pictures look fabulous. Makes you want to fly to all those places and see them all!

What I think is absolutely interesting - besides the beautiful colors - to try and find out its culture that probably would keep me there for weeks or months as well as meeting and speaking with the native people.

Source: Architecture and Design

Share these picturesque villages with others and give them some ideas about their summer vacation!

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