Parking Lots For Dogs Not Because They Are Unwanted But To Save Them!

Parking Lots For Dogs Not Because They Are Unwanted But To Save Them!

Kudos to IKEA!

During this summer we have posted some revealing and enlightening stories about the dangers that our pets are facing being left in a car under the sun. During warm weather pet guardians must take precautions against the danger of heat exhaustion...thankfully someone has taken these precautions!

The Swedish company IKEA came up with a great project to protect our four-legged friends and remind all pet owners never to leave their puppies in the car even for a minute!

An IKEA in Germany has created a doggie parking lot so that your four legged friend can lounge in luxury— and make some new friends, perhaps — while you pick out your newest dresser set!

Neatly aligned outside the storefront, the individual spaces come with a manicured astroturf bed and a stylish water bowl . And to keep your energetic pup from wandering, there's a spot where you can tie their leash.

The general idea behind it is to encourage people to stop leaving their pets in their cars on these swelteringly hot summer days while they’re out shopping. Every knows (or at least they should) just how horrible and inhumane leaving a dog in a car, for even just 5 minutes, on a hot day can be, so this is an amazing alternative.

Needless to say, this is a wonderful idea!

Source: True Activist

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