One Windy Day And They Saved Up All Domestic Electricity Demand!

One Windy Day And They Saved Up All Domestic Electricity Demand!

Denmark is the model for the giant wind power provider!

Unusually high winds allowed Denmark to meet all of its electricity needs – with plenty to spare for Germany, Norway and Sweden too! It was last Thursday that the country of Denmark was able to meet its domestic electricity demand and even export power to Norway, Germany, and Sweden thanks to its wind farms!
Last Thursday was a scientifically historical day in Denmark when it reached a new energy record after producing 140% of the nation’s electricity demand through wind power.
The unusually windy evening started off with 116% of the nation’s electricity consumption needs being met through windmills and by 3 a.m. on Friday morning, it rose to 140%, which even enabled Denmark, the global leader in wind power, to share the energy with neighbouring Norway, Germany, and Sweden. This amount of energy produced through wind power is almost unheard of, especially because the main energy source in the world is the not-so environmentally friendly oil.

Wow! Isn't that promising? At least it is a's a step by step project but it is really reassuring watching countries trying to be more eco-friendly!

Whatever percentage was generated, it is that much more clean energy generated and that much less fossil energy used. Well done Denmark!

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