Mommy Vs Daddy...Hilarious Contrast!

Mommy Vs Daddy...Hilarious Contrast!

We share the same kids, but rarely the same opinions!

Children certainly change the life of a couple! Once they decide to have a child their life changes almost completely as their child becomes their first priority! But how the two genders are getting along with their children?

It is pretty common that mom is the voice of reason while dads are the disciplinarian...However, as my mother used to say when I was a child, she didn't have two children (my brother and I) but three as she always considered my dad as her third child!
There is clearly a different way of thinking between men and women when it comes to raising our kids.

Here are some funny but real depictions of moms and dads everyday life with their children!

1. Remember to be gentle


2. Be creative during bath time

LOL Yaar

3. Take small bites


4. Expect some hard-hitting questions from your kids

Lots of Humor

5. Your thought process will completely change


6. And your sleeping patterns will change quite a bit

Your Modern Family

7. You'll have different perceptions on play time


8. And you'll learn some helpful tips from other parents


9. You'll have different ideas on how to introduce your kids to new things


10. Not to mention different teaching styles


11. Interacting with the outside world has its challenges


12. And playing dress up is open to interpretation


13. Your kids will want to hear your viewpoints on life's great mysteries


14. And will love you even when you're the bad guy


15. Just know, that no matter what they say, they love you both equally


16. Even when you seem overprotective


17. So don't worry if you don't always get what you want from your kids

Ink On The Side

18. Because it's your differences that make you unique

Funny Is Family

19. And in the end, you're both the most important person in their world


Having a child will have a profound impact on the way your life goes moving forward, but don't forget the awesome person you are, and make sure your kid sees that. On top of everything...there is no manual for being a parent, use your instinct, unconditional love and patience! And remember being a parent doesn't definitely mean a continuous act of proving who is the best...but a continuous cooperation for having healthy and psychologically stable children!

Source: Diply

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