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How Generous Or Greedy Are We? Can You Guess For Sure?

Thursday, 9 July 2015

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
No matter what, I still have faith in humanity.

I've seen countless social experiments about many issues that concern our society. Some of them have made a clear point of how people treat other people or how aware are of the critical problems of modern society. This experiment however is a whole different perspective of how people deal with's new religion!

You will be amazed of what these guys thought to do...The folks from Ark Project Now decided to run a little experiment where they stuck a bunch of dollar bills on a board with the words “Take what you need, give what you can.” The footage of how the community responded is awesome.

The board was on Mission Beach in San Diego, California. It was in a busy spot. Some stopped to take photos and some even put some cash on the board. The experiment began with $20 and within 45 minutes, they had $40.

I really loved the words that man used to describe his thoughts...He admits he is poor and needy and says on camera: “It makes your brain scramble seeing all that money floating around. It makes you think how many people are out here doing the right thing.” He could definitely use the cash, but he is reluctant to take it. “If I were rich, I’d be putting $100 up there,” he says, and he continues: “there are so many hundreds of other people in more need than I am. As long as I got my mental health and meal for tomorrow I’m not greedy. Greed destroys love, marriages, relationships, it destroys everything. Trust and friendship are worth more than gold.”

I couldn't agree with him more! I would like to be able to speak with him in person as he seems to have understood the real meaning of life! It is certain that money can offer you a better life, providing you a home, food, a better quality but greed...No thanks!

Credits: BC Serna

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