He Is About To Take Back His Life! Never Give Up!

He Is About To Take Back His Life! Never Give Up!

Strength, courage and will to live again!

Martyn Ashton was a world champion trials rider and at the top of his sport, but two years ago, a crash left him paralyzed from the waist down. It was universally believed that the star of the Road Bike Party series would never again walk or ride a bike. But Martyn Ashton had other ideas. Since the accident, he has been looking for a new way to get back on the bike. This was his career and his passion — he couldn’t live without the bike...

He has overcome incredible odds to become the first person with such injuries to ride a two-wheel mountain bike – and he simply had to film it and share with us the unique and moving experience.

A true superstar…shows that we should never just give up!

Watching that makes you realize that people are full of limitless potential. Just because you are paralyzed doesn't mean that you can no longer participate in the things that make your life worth living. At least that's what it means for Martyn Ashton. His circumstances couldn't keep him from living the life he loves.

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