Everyone Has A Story To Tell! Fabulous Photos and Philosophy!

Everyone Has A Story To Tell! Fabulous Photos and Philosophy!

Breathtaking Shots!

I usually hate the clichéd street photography fall back of 'photo of homeless person', but these are actually done in a new way that doesn't feel exploitative in the way that many other photography projects do with this subject matter.

Photographer Aaron Draper wants people to see homelessness in a different light — literally. For his project titled Underexposed, he hit the streets with his camera and off-camera strobe in order to capture portraits of the homeless and “bring them into the light and out of the shadows for others to view and appreciate.”

Adding flash to the real world and enhancing the light for the camera's eye to see better has such an amazing effect. There are imperfections in the outside world that cannot be mimicked in a studio.

It's rare to see a portrait of a homeless person that looks like a portrait of a person. It's close and it feels personal. There's even a note of romanticism here! Excellent work and a great idea!

It's so beautiful. The feelings behind it are so real...This project touched me so deeply; I can't say if it was his idea, his talent or these people's eyes but the only word I can say to describe it is breathtaking!

There should be no homeless people in this great land we call America...

Sources: True Activist, Seeker Stories, Aaron Draper

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