Are You Ready For A Project For A Cooler Summer?

Are You Ready For A Project For A Cooler Summer?

DIY swimming pool!

Who wouldn't love to have a swimming pool in his backyard? I guess everyone...the big question though is money! Who can afford to have a swimming pool? Well nothing is impossible and without spending a fortune!

You can make your own pool with simple pallets and very little time. All you need are 9 pallets, some liner and then you can cover up the outside to actually make it look like a custom pro-built pool! No one will ever tell you made a pool out of used pallets!

Watch the photos bellow and get ready for a funny summer project!
I've said it before that I am not that handy but if I am going to have my own pool I will give it a try! Summer is the time for doing fun projects and there is no better fun summer project than making your own swimming pool! It’s a great project to do by yourself or with family and friends, and you can customize it to your own unique taste! There is still time!

Source: Nymeta

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