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An Experiment...That Halves!

Friday, 10 July 2015

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
A challenging answer to presidential candidate Donald Trump!

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has been in the news lately due to some inflammatory statements he made about Mexican immigrants. Trump has made negative remarks about immigrants, specifically Mexicans that are a detriment to US economy financially, socially, and politically. He claims Mexico’s immigrants are their unwanted filth, that we should turn away. In Trump’s own words, they are rapists, criminals, and drug dealers.

Near a beach in Los Angeles, a Hispanic man dressed in a bright orange jumpsuit with a red blindfold, handcuffs and chains tied around his ankles stood next to a sign that read, "Meet an immigrant, do you really see me as a drug lord, rapist, criminal?"

As Sergio Mejia stood in the middle of a busy boardwalk, many passersby stopped to say hello, praising the man for his unconventional experiment, willing to shake hands saying they were immigrants too. Some stopped to offer a hug. This proves us that the borders separate states and not people!

We should never judge a book by its cover. Whether they are from our land or another, everyone deserves to be treated equally as a human being regardless of their origin.

However I must admit that it is a great issue for every country to have to deal with illegal immigrants. My point isn't judgmental to every person who has to leave his country for a better life - especially when they have to deal with war or great poverty or terrorism - but how ready are all those countries which accept thousands of illegal immigrants on daily basis?

And don't forget that people are pushed to leave their land...and their way to another inhospitable country is too hard and dangerous...They just want to live!

Good and evil always come together...they are opposites! You can't understand one without the other!

Credits: UDsyde Films

Share this experiment with others to show them that we all are humans!

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