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What Can Ruin Your Perfect Summer Night? Mosquitoes!

Friday, 12 June 2015

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Get rid of them ASAP!

Summer is finally here! Your mood is getting better and your vacation is getting closer BUT there is a tiny thing that can ruin your relaxation and tranquility...An Irritating Mosquito!

Mosquitoes are nasty and highly irritating bugs that can ruin an otherwise perfect time. The way they buzz and swarm around, waiting to land on someone's warm skin to bite, is enough to drive anyone insane. The pesky blood suckers are carriers of a number of diseases that they can transmit straight into your body when they bite. In fact, every year almost 700 million people world-wide end up contracting a mosquito bore illness, resulting in over a million deaths. This scary fact makes them the number one killers of humans.

People commonly use bug zappers, horrible smelling chemical repellents, and mosquito nets to try and combat the pests. Fortunately, there is an easier and highly effective way to keep surroundings mosquito-free, and this video shows how to make a trap to catch the suckers. It takes just seconds to make, uses old soda bottles, and you can make a bunch of them for less than a couple of bucks.

Watch the video below and get ready for a mosquito free summer!
Well I am definitely trying it! I can't think of anything more irritating than a bzzzz during my peaceful summer night sleep! I can handle heat but mosquitoes are an enemy so devious that can literally ruin my relaxation! On top of everything having a weapon that's made by natural ingredients reassures me the most!

Credits: SF Globe

Share this amazing tip with friends and family to make sure that you all going to have the perfect mosquito free summer!

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