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Welcome To The Sad World Where Money Means Everything And Lives Mean Nothing!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Clothes and cars make you special? Apparently Yes!

Josh Lin Parker, a southern California filmmaker, became famous for the pranks and social experiments he posted on his YouTube channel.

This time, he tries to eat at restaurants while disguised as a homeless man. However, he’s rejected because of the way he looks. An hour later, he comes back to the same restaurants dressed nicely and driving a Ferrari. Watch the difference in how they treat him.

The results may not surprise you, but there is a bit of a twist.

Personally, I think that this video highlights the one true religion of this planet. MONEY!

Homeless people are not only addicts who are either so addicted to a substance that they'd rather get their fix than have a roof over their head or they're too mentally unstable to take care of themselves and have no one to help them, they are people like us who through some terrible misfortune lost their home and job but actively tries to better their situation. The system has failed them, they haven't failed it. Most of them are not bad people or any different to anyone else, and even if they are, they are human beings and deserve exactly the same quality of life as anyone else.

Some restaurants have dress codes...however everyone should be treated equally! If the person has money to pay, regardless of how they look, they should be served...As at the end of the day that's what these establishments want...Our money!

Credits: JoshPalerLin

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