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This Year's Vacation Will Have The Perfect Photos!

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

/ by Sajjad Sarwar
Useful tips to make you a pro at shooting!

Photography is an art for many people and it can be really great...but when it comes to common people that want to have some memories from their vacation then it is something else! To have the perfect photo you need excellent equipment, a steady hand and the perfect scenery! That's impossible you might think...not anymore!

Taking some seriously awesome shots has become a reality for those who love to record every moment of their journey!

What can ruin a photo? You know, the slightly crooked shots of landmarks, the stiffly posed group shots in front of vistas, the unflattering "candid" shots of people blinking and chewing. No thanks.

When you travel, you might feel the urge to share your journey with others. That's natural. So, if you're going to share your photos with people, make sure you do it right by taking some seriously awesome shots.
Useful tips to make you a pro at shooting!
You can experiment by taking photos at different times of day for different light qualities.
In case you think yourself as a photographer who can and will have the perfect photos here are some tips for incredible souvenirs from your trip!

If you want to take pictures of people, please ask first.
If you're in a touristy area, you might find your perfect shot plagued with backpacks, maps, cameras, and that one guy taking photos with his iPad (you know that guy), but there's actually an easy way to clear a room using your camera and Photoshop. Please don't attempt to clear any rooms physically.

Get rid of obnoxious tourists.
The video below, put together by the Cooperative of Photography, has some very simple tricks for upping your photography game. They cover everything from keeping your camera safe from damage and theft, to backing up your images, and of course, all the possibilities of shooting the photos.

This quick video shows you how to get some seriously awesome shots wherever you go.
Now that you're a pro, you'll be able to shoot beautiful, dynamic images anywhere in the world. If you're self-conscious about anything, just put on some sunglasses and tell people you're shooting for a magazine. You can learn even more photography tricks on the Cooperative of Photography's YouTube channel, which aims to teach good photography habits to everyone.

Can anyone remember the time when we (the dinosaurs) used those cameras that you had to wait until the film reached the end and had to go to the store to develop the film? To tell you the truth I really loved that time...the anticipation for the result! Technology has done some miracles for photography and we are lucky to be able to share them!

Sources: COOPH, Viral Nova

Share these tips with others and get ready for photo contests of great vacation!

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